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Tastes good!

The Tastemakers are one of the largest players in the Dutch food gifts market. Through years of experience in the industry, we manage to emphasize distinctive themes and high-quality products time and again.

The seal 'tastes good'

Tastemakers sets high standards for its products. Such as taste, appearance, quality and more points of attention. A product that satisfies these requirements receives the tastes good seal. When you see a product with the seal, you know that you hold a unique product with a strong story.

Tastemakers sets high standards for its products.

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Recognizable and clear

We think it is important that it is immediately clear what you can do with the product: eat it immediately or, for example, first reheat it. We therefore provide a clear product name and if needed a method of preparation.

Good taste

This is of course subjective, but we taste all our products so that we are convinced of the taste. A product must be tasty and appeal to a large group, but we also know that there is no arguing about taste.


Our products receive the tastes good seal if we are convinced of the quality. The quality of the product itself is very important, but we also provide packaging that protects the product and keeps it in good condition.

We are always looking for innovative designs


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