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New products, new moments of use and new packaging forms. Every year we develop innovative products. These products are fun, tasty and have an easy preparation method.

  • PlukbroodLR

Snack bread with divider set

You can easily prepare Snack bread yourself with the special divider set. Mix the bread mix with water in the baking tin, place the divider inside the dough, allow it to riseand then bake it in the oven. Choose your favourite stuffing and serve a super delicious and festive snack bread!

Available in these designs:

  • Black & White
  • Na gedane arbeid
  • Mwah
  • Antipasti
  • Meesterwerk
  • Winter moments
  • 2020
  • Bohemian Living
  • Black Collection
  • 8

Mini Christmas hampers

What is more fun than adding a mini Christmas hamper to the Christmas hamper? Or sending one by post? The minis contain, for instance, milk chocolate Christmas figures (solid or filled), bonbons, sweets and biscuits. Nice for the very small ones and fun to hang in the Christmas tree!

Available in these designs:

  • Black Collection
  • Red Collection
  • Best Wishes
  • Black Collection mailbox version
  • combifotominikerstpakketjes_20190522_001639
  • GroentepannenkoekLR

Vegetable pancakes

These vegetable pancakes are made from beetroot. This way you get a tasty, cheerfully colored and responsible pancake!

Available in this design:

  • Vitality

Donut cookies

Donuts?! These are tasty cookies in the shape of a donut. Delicious with chocolate coated and crispy decoration.

Available in these designs:

  • Mwah
  • Streetfood
  • DonutcookiesLR
  • Biertjes

Beer giftset

With this set you will not miss the mark. The gift box contains 3 delicious beers for drinks. This gift set fits within any Christmas package or as a separate gift.

  • _mg_6502a_20190604_123727

Chocolate selection

Delicious, creamy chocolate richly sprinkled with a nut mix. In 4 flavors!

Available in these designs:

  • Mwah
  • Best Wishes
  • Black collectio
  • chocoladeproeverij_1_20190604_122529
  • Frietmallowspuntzak
  • Frietmallowsendip

French fries!

A cone full of soft fries mallows. Deliciously sweet and extra delicious with chocolate dip. Lets eat!

Available in these desi:

  • Mwah
  • Meesterwerk
  • 2020
  • Streetfood
  • Black collection

Matcha and blondie cake

Creamy ready-made cakes. Tip: cut the cakes into cubes and serve with blueberries and raspberries.

Matchacake available in these designs:

  • Vitality
  • Black collection

Blondies cake available in these designs:

  • Mwah
  • 2020
  • Best wishes
  • Black collection
  • Matchaenblondiecake
  • Blondiescake

Apple pie mix in baking tin

What could be better than the smell of freshly baked apple pie? Easily bake your own apple pie with this mix, which comes standard with a baking tin.

Available designs:

  • Taste Collection
  • Urban Jungle
  • Tijd voor elkaar
  • Meesterlijk Bakken bij Robèrt
  • Black Collection

Instruction film | Apple pie mix in baking tin

A detailed instruction for making the apple pie? View the movie and get inspired.

Beerbread + Beer

Tough, robust and home-made: beer bread. Add beer to the mix and put the bread directly in the oven. Extra tasty with an organic beer.

Available in these designs:

  • Bij Robèrt
  • Herman

Instruction film | Beer bread mix

An extensive instruction for making the beer bread mix View the movie and be inspired.

  • shutterstock_657421642

We only use the very best products for our themes.

Ice Tea Peach

Add the tea bags to the water bottle. Just wait and you have fresh ice tea. Add fruit or mint leaves for even more taste.

Available in this design:

  • Black Collection

Instruction film | Ice tea peach

A comprehensive instruction for making peach ice tea? View the movie and be inspired.

  • KruidenrekfotoLR
  • KruidenrekjeLR
  • tubesb

Taste Tubes

Discover, taste and experience flavors from all over the world. Taste tubes can be ordered separately.

There is now also a luxury gift box that you can fill with 3 tubes of your choice.